10 BigCommerce Apps Worth Using To Grow Your Online Store

10 BigCommerce Apps Worth Using

Shoppers prefer seamless transactions and convenience. With BigCommerce apps, a one-stop solution for sales, marketing, and customer support is easily achievable.

The BigCommerce marketplace has dozens of apps and plugins that offer different functionalities catered to various business needs. But to find the one that perfectly fits your online store? That’s the tricky part.

Fret not, check out the best BigCommerce apps that can induce growth in your e-commerce store.

What Is BigCommerce Marketplace?

BigCommerce marketplace is a digital ecosystem helping online merchants find BigCommerce apps—software that facilitates easier management of an e-commerce store’s marketing, sales, payments, logistics, and customer service.

Here’s how a BigCommerce app can help your online business:


BigCommerce apps offer features for effective marketing campaigns in social media, email, or SMS. Some also provide ready-made templates for outreach marketing, lead generation, site visitor conversion, and marketing content creation.


BigCommerce apps have easy-to-use dashboards to help you manage and track inventories and packages. They can also automatically update customers on their order shipping status.

Payment and Accounting

Provide customers with convenient, secure, and fast payment channels by integrating BigCommerce apps with popular payment channels such as InstaPay, Stripe, or PayPal.

Customer Experience

Boost your business’s support service as Bigcommerce apps can automate response to first-level customer queries 24/7 (using AI chatbots), provide self-service options, and facilitate seamless agent handover, omnichannel live chat support, and personalized recommendations.

Best Apps for BigCommerce

BigCommerceApp Free plan/trial Price Best For
QuickCEP Starter: $49/mo Growth: $99/mo Enterprise: custom pricing 24/7 customer support and automated email response
Klaviyo Starts at $20 (Email) or $35 (Email+SMS) SMS and email marketing
ShipStation $9.99/mo-$229.99/mo Streamlining order shipping workflows
MailChimp Paid plans: $6.5-$175/mo Massive email marketing
Stripe None 2.9% + 30¢ per domestic card charge Efficient customer payment management and security
Quickbooks $15/mo-$100/mo Automating accounting-related processes
Active Campaign $29/mo-$259/mo Centralized omnichannel marketing campaign
Zapier $19.99-$69/mo Connecting workflows between apps.
Yotpo $15/mo-$119/mo Presentation of product UGCs and reviews.
Trustpilot $200/mo Organic reviews and feedback


QuickCEP creates AI chatbots to elevate a business’s customer service. QuickCEP revolutionizes customer interaction with conversational AI Chatbots for product recommendation, product information, order status, returns & exchanges, among others.

It also improves your efficiency using the customized AI Email Copilot and provides insights in the analytics dashboard to boost conversions and increase sales. This app offers AI-powered features to effectively interact with your customers such as personalized recommendations, 24/7 assistance, and auto-email drafting.


  • Free plan

  • Starter: $49/mo

  • Growth: $99/mo

  • Enterprise: custom pricing

Key Features

  • Build no-code AI chatbots for around-the-clock, instant customer assistance

  • Real-time order tracking system

  • Write compelling email responses to customers

  • Auto detects real-time customer sentiment

Best For: Advanced SEO reporting for e-commerce websites


Klaviyo is another app in the BigCommerce marketplace that offers email and SMS marketing to connect with your clients on a more personal level. This app also provides predictive analytics of churn risk, customer lifetime value in your dashboard, and insights from your visitors based on events, metrics, locations, or dates that can help you focus on your business growth.


  • Free plan

  • Starts at $20 (Email) or $35 (Email+SMS)

Key Features

  • Send personalized emails using pre-made templates

  • Predictive customer analytics

  • Create SMS and email campaigns for product launches, announcements, and updates


  • 300+ pre-built integrations

  • Comprehensive platform onboarding

  • Message outreach overcomes Spam folder


  • Limited free email support

  • Difficult to use at first

  • High-priced option for large-scale campaigns

Best For: SMS and email marketing


ShipStation streamlines and automates the processing and shipping of store orders. This app connects with 100+ selling marketplaces providing easier and affordable shipping solutions for retailers.


  • Free plan

  • Paid plans: $9.99/mo-$229.99/mo

Key Features

  • Rapid discounted order shipping labels

  • Creates customized tracking page and returns portal

  • Comprehensive inventory management dashboard


  • Mobile compatible

  • Integration options for logistics, accounting, e-commerce tools, and more

  • Lots of interface customization options


  • High learning curve to use

  • Mediocre support service

  • The notification system needs improvement

Best For: Streamlining order shipping processes


Build relationships with your customers by organizing your audience into segments for more targeted communication using MailChimp BigCommerce integration.

This app features a Journey Builder tool that delivers relevant content based on the customer journey behavior and interactions with your business. It also sends emails for marketing efforts such as product recommendations, post-purchase emails, retargeting emails, etc.


  • Free plan

  • Paid plans: $6.5-$175/mo

Key Features

  • Multivariate email A/B testing tool

  • Write emails using generative AI or templates

  • Segmented and targeted customer campaigns


  • Easy-to-use app interface

  • Comprehensive performance and custom reports

  • Personalized onboarding services


  • Customer service unavailable in the free plan

  • Some templates are hard to customize

  • Limited elements in the email editor

Best For: Large-scale product email marketing


Stripe is a digital payment solution that receives customer payments, generates invoices, manages financial account data, and customizes the payment user interface.


Standard: 2.9% + 30¢ per domestic card charge.

Key Features

  • Accepts customer payments through your eCommerce site

  • Fast and wide-scale invoice auto-generation

  • CSS-level UI styling to match your brand


  • Top-grade security payment app

  • Checks high-risk payments automatically

  • All payments are clearly documented


  • Increasing fee for additional features used

  • Limited integration options

  • Data reports can be confusing

Best For: Secured and customer-centric payment and billing services


Quickbooks automates bookkeeping and accounting processes for your online store. This app can track expenses, generate invoices, create receipts, write financial reports, and more.


  • Free plan

  • $15/mo$100/mo

Key Features

  • Auto-recording of sales income, refunds, and tax deductions.

  • Creates an invoice for one-time or recurring payments.

  • Tracks business bills and expenses and creates expense reports


  • Android and iOS mobile apps are available

  • Runs in web browsers

  • Automatic finance data backup


  • Some transactions might not get auto-recorded

  • Difficult to use at first

  • Low-tier plan caps even for paid plans

Best For: Automating bookkeeping and accounting tasks

Active Campaign

Active Campaign is an all-around solution for sales and marketing business needs. But the app’s main highlight is its multi-channel centralized toolkit that simplifies marketing campaigns across different channels.


  • 14-day free trial

  • $29/mo$259/mo

Key Features

  • Customer segmentation for targeted emails

  • Email, SMS, and social media marketing campaign

  • Tailor content based on customer segments


  • Manage marketing campaigns in a centralized spot

  • 900+ app integrations

  • Industry-based customer engagement strategies


  • Unresponsive support team

  • Convulsive email editor

  • Reports page can be confusing

Best For: Automating bookkeeping and accounting tasks


Zapier is an all-around automation app for sales outreach, lead management, customer service, human resources, and finance.


  • Free plan

  • $19.99/mo$69/mo

Key Features

  • Automatically manages and records data transfer across productivity apps

  • Unified performance report dashboard

  • Automated marketing and sales campaigns


  • No-code automation tools

  • 6000+ app integrations

  • Enterprise-grade data security


  • Unresponsive support team

  • Convulsive email editor

  • Reports page can be confusing

Best For: Automating and connecting workflows among business apps


Yotpo is a digital platform where customers can write product reviews and display them on social media channels and websites.


  • Free plan

  • $15/mo$119/mo

Key Features

  • Creates loyalty and referral programs

  • Collects user-generated content and reviews

  • Seamless SMS marketing campaign


  • UGC galleries are customizable

  • Intuitive UI

  • Reviews are collated in a centralized interface


  • Tedious setup process

  • Limited analytics report

  • UGC albums are difficult to navigate

Best For: Showcasing product UGC and product reviews on social media


This app can increase your brand reputation by enticing customers to write reviews about your products and respond to them accordingly.


  • Free plan

  • $200/mo

Key Features

  • Anonymous feedback supported

  • Built-in image generator

  • Automated review fraud detection


  • Strict against fake reviews

  • Easy-to-use app interface

  • Can flag reviews


  • Difficult to remove reviews

  • Some positive reviews might be removed

  • Product reviews aren’t visible in search results

Best For: Collecting organic reviews for business

What To Look For In A BigCommerce App

If you’d like to streamline your workflow and improve business operations, boost conversions, and grow your business, consider the following when looking for a BigCommerce App.


The app’s functionalities must solve gaps in your online store. For instance, if your business struggles to handle customer tickets, it’s nice to have an app that can automate ticket management and resolution.

Integration with Other E-commerce Tools and Platforms

If you use different e-commerce tools, pick an app that can integrate with your current tools. This ensures that you can seamlessly leverage the app’s features with your productivity platforms and avoid using incompatible tools from your current workflow.

Customization and Personalization

Look for an app with customization options regarding aesthetics, tone, and style. Find a platform you can align your branding with.

Pricing and Plan Options

An app with a free plan is the best option. But as your business grows, you need additional functionalities offered only by paid plans. Check plans that fit your budget.

Regular Updates and Maintenance

An app with regular updates means that it continuously adds functionalities to improve its performance. This is important to keep the app useful as the business landscape evolves.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Best BigCommerce Apps

QuickCEP is the top live chat app for BigCommerce. This app creates AI chatbots that can answer customer concerns instantly at all times and provide quick agent transfer if the customer requests.

To add an app in BigCommerce, follow these steps:

  1. Go to BigCommerce. You must be a store owner to install an app.

  2. Browse apps using the drop-down menu or use the search bar.

  3. Upon finding your preferred app, click Get this App.

  4. Decide the store that will add the app.

  5. Click install.

To connect QuickCEP to BigCommerce, you can copy the JS Code and paste it above your site </head>

how do I add an app to BigCommerce

To remove a BigCommerce app:

  • Go to BigCommerce and click Apps

  • Select the app you want to remove.

  • Click Uninstall.

Yes, BigCommerce has a mobile app that you can download from Google PlayStore or AppStore.

Final Thoughts

The BigCommerce marketplace has a massive selection of apps to boost your business’s performance. Finding the right app may take a few tries, but there’s always great software available to achieve your goals.

Using BigCommerce apps can improve your business process, boost sales, and engage with your customers. To connect with your customers to the next level, integrate QuickCEP in your BigCommerce store.

QuickCEP is a powerful no-code AI-powered platform designed to empower businesses like yours. We help you achieve three key goals: improve customer service, boost sales, and gain valuable customer insights. Our robust features work together seamlessly to make this possible.

Our platform revolutionizes customer interaction with conversational AI Chatbots for product recommendation, product information, order status, returns & exchanges, among others.

AI-Powered Customer Service Chatbot

It also improves your efficiency using the customized AI Email Copilot and provides insights in the analytics dashboard to boost conversions and increase sales. This app offers AI-powered features to effectively interact with your customers such as personalized recommendations, 24/7 assistance, and auto-email drafting.

Start revolutionalizing your customer service today! Sign up now and enjoy FREE access to QuickCEP platform.

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