Register for openhouse

The experience is greatly improved by a sophisticated AI chatbot that makes it easier for students to register. Without manually recording student information.

Register for open house

Conduct surveys

Surveys are useful in describing the characteristics of the audience. No other research method can provide this broad capability, which ensures a more accurate sample to gather targeted results in which to draw conclusions and make important decisions.

Subscribe to email campaigns

The greatest ways to stay in touch with your consumers are still email and SMS. The QuickCEP Chatbot can automatically capture client email addresses or phone numbers, and our marketing automation allows us to approach customers on the spur of the moment.

subscribe to email campaigns​

Respond to FAQs

More than 87% of users say chatbots are successful at resolving their problems. One benefit of chatbots in customer service is that they can dramatically lower the number of requests that need to be handled by your human personnel.

Respond to FAQs