Recommend products

To increase turnover, automate the sales process. Give your consumers the best product recommendations based on their conversations with AI chatbots.

Beauty Recommend products

Book appointment

A clever AI chatbot that makes it simple for customers to schedule, change, or cancel appointments significantly enhances the customer experience.

Collect customer feedback

Customer opinion is a resource for improving customer experience and adjusting your actions to their needs. Let AI chatbot and marketing automation help you collect them without having to put a hand on it.

The environment can be enhanced and will have a better experience.
Decro Mi
Nail art is very good, I hope the style color can be more.
The overall experience is very good, face maintenance has obvious results, is the service to improve a little more perfect.
Nini su
When washing hair massage force can be greater.
Kevin Xu
Lipstick more moisturizing.
Lucy Chen
Face care overall or good, is the waiting time is a little long, I hope it can be improved, the next time to have a good experience

Respond to FAQs

Companies spend a lot of money on FAQs since they increased customer care staff effort by 70%. You may save operational expenses and the burden of customer support by using an intelligent AI chatbot.

Quick responses to pre-sale FAQs to assist buyers in making decisions quickly
Determine the customer's issues and route them to the appropriate skill group
To avoid repeating the same effort.